The Socially Responsible Behaviour through Embodied Thinking (SORBET) Project - GeekcampSG 2020

Published on: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

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Have you been thinking about how settings of learning might be designed to help nurture socially responsible behaviour, such as investing the self-discipline to develop the habit of social distancing? Both Kenneth and Ahmed will invite you to their sharing on the SORBET Project.

Kenneth has been helping teachers explore the affordances for learning of various forms of Interactive Digital Media, since 2007. Having started his career as a geography teacher in 1992, he is presently a Research Scientist at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Kenneth and his team always welcome opportunities for collaboration :-)

Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy is a member of a small team who explore the use of technologies such as augmented reality, virtual worlds and the Internet of Things (IoT) for authentic learning. He has a background in computer science as well as in game design.

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Q: What's the app used for the 3D virtual environment? Also found
A: Yes that's right! we typically use a portable server installation called sim-on-a-stick. sim-on-a-stick only runs on Windows computers, but that makes it convenient for deploying at schools

Q: is there a webpage/website for this nie project?

Q: What's the app used for the 3D virtual environment?
A: Firestorm and OpenSim

Q: can change the head to actual head of people that are streaming video?
A: not without heavy modifications to the opensim server software, I'm afraid. That said, the avatars are fully modifiable so users can modify the avatar appearance to suit their liking (similar to MMORPGs)

Q: can call public internet api from the script?
A: yes, opensim scripts typically use http post / get to communicate w external servers

Q: are the students aware that they are being monitored and the data are collected?
A: yes, the project is carried out under standard ethical protocols in place in schools regarding the protection of students' privacy. we work in full cooperation with MOE and school leaders.

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