The sound of PHP - PHPConf.Asia 2016

Published on: Sunday, 28 August 2016

Speaker: Steven Cooper (@developersteve)

PHP has been around for many years and has been used any number of ways and in projects large and small, one of its little known and seldom used functions is in that of raw audio generation and output.

In a show of its extreme versatility for the awesomeness that is PHP, we are going to hear what php code can sound like helping push one of the little known and often rarely used functions to create music from elegant symphonies to some of the latest tunes. We will also hear what code from some of the more well known platforms sounds like.

About the speaker:

Xero Dev Evangelist. Kini Swimwear CTO. Kingdom Hack founder. Hackathon MC/Mentor/Judge. Geek tech-head able to code tall buildings in a single bound. Prev PayPal Braintree.

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