Thinking of your tests as a software product - iOS Conf SG 2016

Published on: Sunday, 23 October 2016

Speaker: Michael Petrov (@mpetrov), Dropbox

Having a test suite can double your development speed, but your app likely doesn’t have one. In this talk you’ll learn how to build a test suite that is minimal and delivers high signal. You will also learn how just a few simple design choices will keep your tests useful, flexible, and low maintenance as your project evolves. This talk is based on many hard lessons from both startups and larger companies and will focus on practical advice for any app size.

About the speaker

Michael is an iOS engineer, founder, and author. Currently, Michael is working for Dropbox where he’s building a testing platform to allow the Dropbox app to ship every two weeks.

Despite starting his career in PHP and even writing a book on it (calling this period his darker days), Michael switched to iOS eight years ago. He began his iOS journey by building one of the first iOS database applications, FMTouch. In 2012, Michael co-founded a Y-Combinator backed startup that released Couple, a messaging app for couples. The Couple app has millions of downloads and thousands of five star reviews. After a 2015 acquisition by Dropbox, Michael joined its iOS team. At Dropbox, Michael has worked on the core app and most recently became a founding member of the Mobile Platform team.

Michael lives in San Francisco with his wife and three robots. In his free time, he spends his time prototyping with VR, TensorFlow, Intel Edison, and Amazon Echo.

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