Unimaginable UX - A sneak-peek Into The Future of Design - UXSEA Summit 2019

Published on: Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Speaker: Saptarshi Prakash, Design Manager @ Swiggy

“The year is 2070 & Augmented Emotion Designers all over the world are fascinated by the spellbinding journey of Design, in the last century. Enthusiasts are feeling amused by reading about the predictions made by the Design Pundits, back in the days. While also wearing the farsighted lens, young designers are positive as well as sceptical about the decades to come”

Sounds like the future?

Well, if you simply replace 2070 with 2019 and Augmented Emotion Designers with User Experience Designers, it becomes nothing but the present! I am sure, most of us imagine the future of design with something related to Blockchain, AI, Voice, AR or VR. Interestingly these are the stuff which we barely knew about, 5 years back. So what happened in the last 5 years that brought about a change we couldn’t have even imagined? It is not very different from what happened about a century back.

Come and join me as I speak about how unimaginable the future can be and what we can do to get a ticket to the boat that sails to the future.

About the speaker

Saptarshi is an Engineer turned, Manager turned Self Taught Product Designer. He holds 2 degrees from the prestigious IIT Madras, yet he chose UX as his profession because he believes problem-solving can go well beyond the limits of engineering. Saptarshi presently leads consumer design at Swiggy, India’s largest food ordering and delivery platform. With a valuation of 3.3 Bn USD, Swiggy has presence in 100+ Indian cities. It clocks close to a million orders every day, ensuring deliveries under 30 mins for most of them. In his past stints, he has worked with some of the well known startups of India like Housing.com and Zeta. When he is not designing, Saptarshi is either drafting his next design talk, or backpacking in some country, far off.


Event Page: https://uxsea.org/summit-2019

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