Use Logistics to power your e-commerce growth - Singapore Magento User Group

Published on: Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Speaker: Senthil Kumar

About topic: Omni channel e-commerce is on the rise as customers look for a seamless buying experience regardless of the channels they use. With the ever-changing e-commerce market, retailers are now more than ever looking to develop a competitive supply chain solution when it comes to fulfilling consumers’ orders in an effective manner. Are you looking to expand your e-commerce cross-border business with DHL eCommerce? Find more about network and trade insights with experts from DHL eCommerce in this session. Learn how you, like other Singaporean manufacturers, resellers and retailers, can ride the e-commerce wave to grow your ecommerce business beyond Singapore’s saturated consumer market. We have Senthil Kumar, Sales Director from DHL eCommerce on board to share the latest trends and insights in the ecommerce market.

About Senthil: Senthil Kumar is the Head of Sales for DHL eCommerce Singapore. He has over 15 years of logistics experience, managing operations in warehousing and transportation across the freight, express and postal industries. In his current role, he is responsible for ensuring profitable revenue growth for the company by working with and ensuring the success of e-commerce based customers in both SME and MNC segments. Having spent the early part of his logistics career working in operational and project management capacities, Senthil is able to incorporate practical operational knowledge with customers experience and offer customer-centric logistics solutions for customers.

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