Using blogs in Classrooms: an NTU case study - WordCamp Singapore 2016

Published on: Monday, 12 September 2016

Speaker: Felipe Garcia, Joan Wee

The use of blogs as a teaching tool in a course is nothing new and as shown in many literature, it is a popular tool with the present generation of professors and students who are increasingly very familiar and comfortable with using online technology for documenting and tracking of a student learning reflection, personal review and participation.

However, the success and degree of online engagement between the instructor and students is possible only with careful strategizing and close integration with the course curriculum.

Our session shares the use of WordPress to support a undergraduate class in chemistry and how the online activities were carefully planned to compliment the face-to-face time with the Professor and classmates.

About the speakers:

Felipe Garcia is an Assistant Professor with the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at Nanyang Technological University. He obtained his PhD from University of Cambridge in 2004, and has been passionate in his research in inorganic chemistry and organometallics.

In teaching, Felipe believes that students should be active participants on their own learning. In his teaching pedagogy, he believes in using appropriate technologies to stimulate peer-to-peer-learning, and in helping students acquiring other softer skills like communicating and team work.

Joan Wee is a Senior Librarian at the Nanyang Technology University (NTU) Library (New Media Group and Economics) where she tracks relevant emerging technologies and trends in the higher education landscape. She collaborates closely with faculty and other users to design blogs, and provides consultation and training on applying appropriate social media tools and strategies that support the teaching, research, community building and marketing needs of the users.

She graduated from National University of Singapore with a degree in Arts and Social Sciences, majoring in Economics and General Mathematics, and received her master’s degree in Library Science from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

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