Using FOSS to flip education is a student's power - Cheng-Kuan Ou - FOSSASIA Summit 2017

Published on: Sunday, 9 April 2017

Speaker(s): Cheng-Kuan Ou (Tainan)

Being a college student, I got to know FOSS, started to join promoting it,including workshops,Teacher Training Camp, and served as teaching assistant to push L10N plan, Translation plan. Also, I founded a community,Edu.FOSS, with my best partner. It gathers a lot of source and power from professors at NCKU and outstanding friends of SLAT Association. Through it can not only promote FOSS, but also help children living in places lack of resources. Furthermore, we are promoting improvement in the CS education policy around the whole Taiwan. Hope we can change the education mode, and bring the progress power for Taiwan's next generation.

(Type: Talk | Track: Internet, Society & Politics | Room: Einstein (Floor 2))

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