Using Go to Naturally Express Higher-level Distributed Systems Concepts

Published on: Wednesday, 28 July 2021

00:00 Introduction
01:02 The Problem
02:54 Building Backends Seems Simple
05:21 Infrastructure as Code
07:15 Architecture Diagrams
09:38 The Encore Application Graph
15:25 Developing Distributed Systems
16:36 Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)
17:19 Encore Syntax Tree (EST)
18:10 Live Demo
26:56 Benefits
28:10 Q1 How would Encore work in team setting?
29:31 Q2 Does Encore have bindings for say, Java and Python?
30:45 Q3 What is the advantage of combining infrastructure as code with business logic?
32:28 Q4 Can we use gRPC for Communication between services instead of REST?
35:14 Q5 What about frontend coding?

This event is brought to you by Go Singapore. GoSG is a meetup for the Go programming enthusiasts in Singapore.

Name: André Eriksson (Founder,, Ex-staff Engineer, Spotify)
Topic: Using Go to Naturally Express Higher-level Distributed Systems Concepts

Through the power of static analysis and code generation, André'll show you how we can write programs that look like regular Go code, that when compiled turn into fully-fledged distributed systems.

André is the founder of Encore - a Go backend framework for building distributed systems. He's also an ex-Spotify Staff Engineer and a part-time puppy caretaker.


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