Using Nuxt generate for building static web applications - SingaporeJS

Published on: Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Speaker: Aaron Gong

NuxtJS is a framework for VueJS that helps in building applications in single page (SPA) mode or universal mode (SSR)

SPA apps can be easily deployed on cloud storage such as Google Cloud Storage, AWS S3, Now, Netlify but it takes time for the app to be loaded and SEO is a problem as there are no pre-generated content.

SSR apps address the issues of load speed and SEO but requires a backend server to serve the content.

So to get the best of both worlds. We use Nuxt generate.

This talk will focus on the use of Nuxt generate, its advantages, its pitfalls. We will also be looking at few things which one may need to take note of when using nuxt generate, such as:

- handling dynamic routing
- use of dynamically created Vuex modules

Aaron is currently doing consulting work with Zenika Singapore. Using JS only for literally everything now...

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