Virtual meetup with Julien Dubois - Java champion and creator of JHipster

Published on: Thursday, 16 April 2020

Speaker: Julien Dubois

Topic: Deploying Spring Boot microservices to the cloud with JHipster and Azure

In this live-coding session, join Julien Dubois, Azure developer advocate, Spring old-timer and JHipster creator, as he goes through the process of coding a Spring Boot microservice, all the way up to scaling it and monitoring it in production.

Julien Dubois is a cloud developer advocate at Microsoft.
He is known as the creator and lead developer of the JHipster project, and as a Java Champion. In the past 20 years, Julien has mainly worked with the Java and Spring technologies as an architect and as a consultant, working for many different customers across all industries. As he loves to share his passion, Julien wrote a book on the Spring Framework, spoke at more than 100 international conferences, and created several popular Open Source projects.
Currently, Julien focuses on improving Java and Spring support on Azure.

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