Visualizing Graphs in Swift - iOS Conf SG 2016

Published on: Sunday, 23 October 2016

Speaker: Conrad Kramer (@conradev), Workflow

In this talk I will walk through building an interactive graph visualization that doubles as a physics simulation, and I’ll be building it from scratch. I will be writing a version of this demo in Swift 3.

Building the force directed graph layout will involve building a quad tree (yay recursive enums) to efficiently simulate Coulomb’s Law and a custom animator to coordinate the simulation. Finally I will also walk through how this can be embedded in a playground with explanatory markdown to teach the same principles.

About the speaker

Conrad Kramer is one of the iOS developers behind the automation app WorkFlow that won WWDC design award in 2015. He got his start 6 years ago by making software for jailbroken iOS devices and has since used that experience to build apps for the App Store. He has contributed to a few open source projects including ComponentKit and Mantle, and has released a few of his own. He enjoys cycling, electronic music, introspection and occasionally, sleeping.

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