Web Western: The Good, The Bad And The Web Components - Voxxed Days Singapore 2019

Published on: Saturday, 29 June 2019

Speaker: Adrien Nortain (Zenika)

Adrien is a Consultant for Zenika and a “Green Code” advocate. Even if he has worked with many (many!) techs, his passion still lies in web development.

Currently acting as a Technical Lead at SGX, he – weirdly – finds a bit of solace writing Vanilla Javascript everyday…!!
Indeed, as a dedicated martial artist who’s been perfecting the same moves for more than 20 years, he strongly believes that mastering fundamentals is the key to any efficient learning!

Web Western: The Good, The Bad And The Web Components

In this talk, based on professional experiences, we will discuss the pros and cons of writing large-scale applications with only web components and utility libraries.

Custom elements specs v1 have been out for a while now but the adoption is still pretty low. In an era where a web framework can become obsolete as soon as a new trend emerges, we might however consider more durable options. But is it really worth it? In order to answer this question, we will tackle the following concerns: * Development effort, * Standardization, * Performance, * Browser compatibility, * Durability, * And alternatives such as Polymer or StencilJS.

If you have ever wondered if getting rid of ReactJS / Angular boilerplates would be worth it, then this talk is definitely made for you!

Event Website: https://voxxeddays.com/singapore/