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Published on: Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Speaker: Zai Miztiq - Founder of 'Sisterhood Mentorship Programme', Celebrity Author

Zai Miztiq is an entrepreneur, celebrity author, international speaker, and travelling trainer. She is building a network of support groups through her MiztiQ Ally aimed at providing assistance to aspiring youths and women.
She started her Henna and Body Art business while still pursuing her diploma and grew it into a multitude of various disciplines that include an e-commerce platform, hijab enterprise, language coaching and translation, and outreach programmes.
In April 2005, Zai was in a major road accident that almost rendered her paralysed. Her determination for a comeback became a driving force for her to positively impact the lives of others.
In her free time, she enjoys archery, diving, and Arabic calligraphy and teaching. A former runway model, she was crowned as Runner Up for 2002 Miss India Singapore.
Step Up! & Be the Strong, Soulful, Success You are destined to be.

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