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Speaker: Tim Condon ,

In this talk you’ll learn why Swift can be considered as a real contender for developing on the server. We’ll discuss the benefits of Vapor 4 and server-side Swift. In a live demo we’ll build an application to show how easy it is to use Vapor. Finally in the demo, you’ll see how to share code between iOS and your Vapor application

About the speaker

Tim is a Swift developer from Manchester, UK. He's the server-side Swift team lead at and has written the unofficial-official book on Vapor with the founders of the framework. He founded Broken Hands a few years ago delivers talks and workshops on Vapor and server-side Swift around the world. He also co-organises the ServerSide.swift conference - the world’s first and only conference focused on server-side Swift.

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SwiftUI and SVG - iOS Conf SG 2020
Thursday, 30 January 2020