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Speaker: Nemanja Ninkovic
GitHub: @nemwiz

We've all heard about WebAssembly, but most of the times it's mentioned in the context of building video games, image and video compression, VR/AR etc.
However, a lot of us do not work as game developers and we don't encounter these problems in our day to day work. This brings out the question - should I even learn WebAssembly?
In this talk, I want to show some use cases in building business/enterprise applications where WebAssembly can be applied. The talk is practical and we will see how WebAssembly can improve your apps performance by order of magnitude and hopefully convince you why WebAssembly is here to stay.

Presenter's bio
Hi, my name is Nemanja Ninkovic and I'm a software engineer at Zuhlke. Passionate about problem solving and trying to keep up with the latest on the web.

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Produced by Engineers.SG
Recorded by: Michael Cheng

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