PHP Singapore Podcast (Episode 1)

Published on: Monday, 3 February 2020

- Zion Ng (
- Woo Huiren (
- Ryuta Hamasaki (
- Michael Cheng (
- Jun Hao

Show Notes:

## 1. From Zend to Laminas - the future of Zend

Quote from a blog article by Matthew Wei'er O'Phinney: "However, Rogue Wave has recently made a strategic decision to focus its efforts on the Zend Server product of the Zend portfolio."

Zend Framework has been moved out of Zend to become the Laminas Project.

Will Zend continue its efforts on the Zend Engine after 2 acquisitions, seeing that it has let go of its community framework

Blog articles:

- From Zend to Laminas:
- From Zend Framework To The Laminas Project:
- The Future of Zend Framework:

Framework urls:


Timeline (

- 2019: Perforce acquires Rogue Wave and the company becomes ""Zend by Perforce""
- 2015: Rogue Wave acquires Zend

## 2. PHP in 2020

We discussed about the blog article "PHP in 2020" at

Reminds us of "PHP: The Right Way" (

## 3. PHP RFC Highlights

- (voted)

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